Working from home presents challenges that can be overcome with structure and scheduling.  NEXT for AUTISM, using evidence-based practice, suggests the following tips for all employees, especially those with autism.

Establish a Routine

  • Start and stop at the same time every day
  • Dress according to your company’s dress code
  • Set up a regular work area with enough desk space and good lighting such as daylight
  • Make sure that your computer and internet are in working order; download chat and video apps and test them regularly
  • Let your team/manager know what mode of communication works best with you- Email, Phone call, Text message or Direct message
  • Take regular, timed breaks to stretch and snack
  • Limit checking the news and your social media to only break times
  • Add 30 min of exercise or mediation to your morning routine and evening routine

Work on Job Tasks

  • Create a visual daily schedule that you refer to throughout your day
  • Check in with your supervisor – Join or set up weekly team meetings
  • Put work tasks into your schedule or calendar with reminders. If there are no deadlines, then make a deadline for yourself to keep structured.
  • Make sure all projects and deliverables are being completed on schedule. If you encounter a barrier let your supervisor know right away.

Stay Connected – It’s Important

  • Check in with coworkers/managers at least weekly for work or just to say hello
  • Ask how they are doing professionally and personally
  • Ask if they need help with anything

Try Professional Learning

  • Online library resources
  • Online free resources
  • Research online
  • Treat learning as a task.  Take notes from what you learned, share them with your team

Keep Your Normal Work Schedule

  • Maintain the same routine that you had at work. When you return to the office, you will be all set to go back to work.

Take Time to Reflect

  • At the end of the day, journal and reflect on your thoughts and feelings.

Get Exercise, Eat Well, and Stay Healthy!