Project Description

NEXT for AUTISM collaborated with Autism Speaks and the Poses Family Foundation to expand ADVICE, a program that helps companies develop initiatives to hire, train and retain employees with autism. ADVICE also works with companies to design autism-friendly environments in order to improve worker and customer experiences.

ADVICE underscores NEXT for AUTISM’s commitment to creating employment opportunities for adults with autism, and to ensure that businesses gain access to an underutilized labor pool.

Program Innovations

  • ADVICE connects national companies to candidates with autism, local disability resources and service providers, such as job coaches and vocational training programs
  • ADVICE provides expert support and training to company employees so that they may better understand and work with colleagues who are on the spectrum
  • ADVICE helps companies develop long-term strategies for an autism-inclusive workplace, including on- the-job support, job modifications, accessing state and federal financial incentives, diversity training and retention strategies

Program Impact

  • Corporate clients include: Staples, Cintas, Quest Diagnostics, NCR and Meijer, with three additional companies committed
  • Cintas has trained 500 employees to work with colleagues who are on the autism spectrum, and has 88 participating sites
  • 104 hires have resulted from ADVICE’s work

At Cintas trained to work with colleagues who are on the spectrum


Have resulted from ADVICE’s work


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