Project Description

The Center for Autism and the Developing Brain, referred to as CADB, is a state-of- the-art clinical facility created by NEXT for AUTISM in partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and its affiliate medical schools at Columbia University and Weill Cornell.

CADB offers comprehensive, diagnostic and therapeutic services by a multidisciplinary clinical team that is led by autism expert Dr. Catherine Lord. Patients of all ages and their families can access the care of occupational therapists, speech pathologists, behaviorists, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists throughout the patients’ lifespan. As an autism clinical center, CADB hosts clinicians, researchers and post-doctoral fellows from around the world.

NEXT for AUTISM’s vision for CADB was very unique. They had the idea to offer comprehensive services to all ages, to bring together a major hospital, medical schools and diagnostic and clinical services under one roof. Nothing like this existed before.

Dr. Catherine Lord, Director of CADB

Design Innovations

  • A one-stop, comprehensive suite of services offered to patients at every stage of life from one year-old to adulthood
  • A multidisciplinary clinical team of doctors, occupational & educational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, and social workers work together to offer patients
  • Comprehensive Services
    • Diagnosis  & Early Intervention
    • Individualized Treatment Plans
    • Clinical & Therapeutic Interventions
    • Family Therapy & In-home coaching
    • Case management & Social Services
    • Continuity of care after CADB in patients’ home community
  • A unique payment solution combining private insurance, Medicaid, and funding from NEXT for AUTISM that results in less than 1% of patients paying full fee.
  • The application of autism-friendly, architectural design to renovate completely an underutilized building on NewYork-Presbyterian’s Westchester campus

Program Impact

  • A world-class autism clinical center within a metropolitan hospital system that is affiliated with two, top-tier medical schools
  • Specialists from CADB spread their expertise throughout the U.S. and world at professional presentations, community seminars, and program collaborations
  • Visiting scholars, post-doctorate candidates, researchers and professional from around the world benefit from conducting research at CADB.

From states beyond NY, NJ, CT


Seen and diagnosed since 2013