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Our team works with clients across all sectors, including manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical, tech, retail, media, non-profit and education.

What is your organization’s strategy to recruit and retain talent with disabilities?

It’s not only about doing good. It’s also good for business. 

An Untapped and Incredibly Motivated Talent Pool
Lower Absenteeism Higher Retention Rates
Attracts Clients and Talent Who Prioritize Diversity

An Accenture report found that diversity inclusion improves shareholder value and productivity, increases innovation, while diversifying supplier and client bases. Moreover, diversity can boost revenue.

A Customized Approach

Tailored to Your Needs, Culture, Resources
Evidence-based Strategies & Expertise
Cost-effective & Sustainable In The Long Term

We can help you become a leader of diversity inclusion
& talent acquisition.

“NEXT for AUTISM has been an exceptional partner in helping us refine our autism hiring initiatives and is a great resource for employers looking to ready their workforce for engagement with neurodiverse talent.”  – Sarah Crump, Freddie Mac

“Today’s sessions were fantastic!  Our team certainly feels that they benefited tremendously from your presentation and support group!” – Margaret Chapman, The Y.A.L.E. School

Our Process

NEXT for AUTISM uses  proven strategies and processes for disability inclusion in the workforce. Our expertise in developing, deploying and scaling disability hiring programs ensures your company’s success in disability hiring and promoting corporate inclusivity.

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A seasoned corporate consulting professional from NEXT for AUTISM works diligently with each client to customize the design of a successful implementation strategy and program plan to support execution against clearly defined client objectives throughout the implementation process.

NEXT for AUTISM can help you become a leader of diversity inclusion in your industry.


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