Project Description

NEXT for AUTISM designs and implements customized autism & disability inclusion programs to help corporations attract, hire, and retain employees with autism.

Our services enable people with autism to thrive, resulting in higher productivity, greater retention rates, and a positive return on investment for employers.

Our Services

  • Design of national, autism & disability hiring programs that are integrated into the culture & processes of corporate clients
  • Implementation of sustainable, inclusion programs across company network
  • Training to C-Suite, managers, and employees on autism & disability awareness
  • Staffing solutions for permanent, contingent & temporary positions & internship programs
  • Support and job coaching partnership with local providers

The Business Case

  • Untapped & Motivated Talent Pool  People with autism & disabilities contribute a diverse range of skills, abilities and perspectives to the workplace.  They are an available segment of the workforce.
  • Lower Absenteeism, Higher Retention Studies in the U.S. have found that people with disabilities have lower absenteeism rates and higher retention rates.
  • Enhances Corporate Culture, Boosts Productivity An intentional inclusion program has a positive impact on current employees, boosting morale & productivity.
  • Attracts Talent Studies have shown that potential employees, especially millennials, value companies with inclusive and diverse cultures.
  • Helps the Bottom Line Clients and customers consider the diversity of workforces when making business decisions

Types of Support


  • Disability Training
  • 503 Compliance
  • ADA Consultation and Training
  • Human Resources Mentoring
  • Recruiting, Screening, Training Support
  • Environmental Surveys & Assessments
  • State and Federal Financial Incentives
  • Single Point of Contact for Disability Inclusion


  • Disability Awareness Training at Local Sites
  • Program implementation across enterprise
  • Job Training and Tryouts
  • Job Accommodations & Modifications
  • Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology
  • Oversight of Disability Agency Partners
  • Job Coaching, if needed

report that employees with disabilities have the same ability as others to acquire new skills.


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