Project Description

The Hunter Autism Research, Practice & Policy Center at City University of New York’s Hunter College provides Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) training and certification to teachers and service professionals, as well as coursework to undergraduates. NEXT for AUTISM created HARPP in 2008 with Hunter College to meet the growing demand for educators and professionals skilled in working with individuals with autism within schools and social service systems.

Design Innovations

  • HARPP is the first Applied Behavioral Analysis training program offered at Hunter College of the City University of New York.
  • NEXT for AUTISM built consensus among its partners and negotiated with key stakeholders to fast track HARPP’s opening at a time when ABA was not widely recognized as an effective method of teaching
  • HARRP existed first as a stand-alone program and now as part of the special education department at Hunter. Courses are available to students from all academic departments
  • A Master’s Degree program is being planned in 2017

NEXT for AUTISM saw the possibility and effectiveness of the ABA program and persisted so that Hunter now has an ABA certificate program, where it did not have one before.

John Brown, Former Co-Director, HARPP at Hunter College

Program Impact

  • Through HARPP, NEXT for AUTISM created a pipeline of trained professionals available to work with children and adults with autism
  • NEXT for AUTISM introduced what was then an innovative teaching approach to Hunter College and the City University of New York, where none had existed
  • HARPP faculty and students participate in cross-departmental research and projects, thereby expanding autism expertise throughout the college

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