Project Description

Work is Essential to Living a Fulfilling and Productive Life

Working-age adults on the spectrum encounter numerous employment barriers, resulting in unacceptable levels of unemployment and underemployment. The diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) movement in corporate America and internationally is gaining ground. There is a growing belief that diversity improves business success and creates a more positive work environment. At NEXT for AUTISM, we believe work is essential to living a fulfilling and productive life. Autistic adults must have equal access to employment and career choices.

Supporting employers to understand the value of a neuroinclusive workforce and to incorporate neurodiversity into their talent acquisition and retention strategies is part of our mission. We are committed to cultivating true inclusion and improving access to employment outcomes for people on the spectrum. We partner with innovative and like-minded companies to implement inclusive strategies that attract, support, and retain talent with autism and other disabilities. Through education and advocacy, consultative support, and resource development, NEXT for AUTISM promotes inclusivity in every workplace.

We also recognize the importance for all autistic individuals to have access to quality services and supports. Connecting with schools, universities, colleges, and local community providers is vital to our mission. NEXT for AUTISM appreciates that these supports are often the first step for entering the workforce and the value quality services can have to support ongoing career success. We create tools and resources for organizations providing these services and supports.  Community building and partnership are incredible assets to our mission.

To achieve our goals, we actively engage in workforce initiatives to improve career opportunities for adults on the spectrum. We are currently:

“NEXT for AUTISM has been an exceptional partner in helping us refine our autism hiring initiatives and is a great resource for employers looking to ready their workforce for engagement with neurodiverse talent.”  – Sarah Crump, Freddie Mac

“Today’s sessions were fantastic!  Our team certainly feels that they benefited tremendously from your presentation and support group!” – Margaret Chapman, The Y.A.L.E. School

“I have found NEXT for AUTISM to be an invaluable resource for me as a job coach! The webinars are accessible, clear, and concise. NEXT for AUTISM makes it simple to get helpful employment-related skills quickly and easily!” – Jacqueline Adams, Milpitas High School 

 Why NEXT?

Our seasoned consultants will work diligently with each client to design a customized implementation strategy and program plan and support the execution of this plan with clearly defined client objectives.

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